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  Simply art

WELCOME    This site is meant to be a celebration of the beauty of trees, in clay.  I love both.    Clay is a wonderful lump of possibilities.  Put that with the inspiring textures found in nature, and these pots were born.   The sizes and shapes vary as the clay commands.  Each is individually hand crafted from trees in my yard.  The inside is glazed and food safe,  The outside is stained to create a natural bark  look and feel.  They are beautiful for flowers, candles, wine chillers, tableware,  etc.-------- or they can stand alone as a sculptural piece.

Earring  tree.

           Display cut flowers.


          Use outside for potted plants


You can meet me at the following craft fairs and shows:

   1.) My pottery will be displayed for sale at   at  the Winter Dreams          Exhibit at Log Cabin Gallery  in   Penisula, Ohio from  Nov. 18-Dec. 18.                     Friday -Sunday  11 am- 5 pm.                                             .                          thelogcabingallery.com  and on Facebook.


Looking forward to seeing you there !

                         ​Wine chillers

          Tableware accessories